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Infectious diseases are a leading cause of mortality worldwide and a major threat to our food supply and natural resources. Ohio State has made the prevention, detection, and management of infectious diseases a priority.

Our team at Ohio State recognizes that infectious diseases research can be difficult to understand without training in this subject matter area. To solve this problem, we provide executive communication coaching to our faculty. Our outreach program sends experts to give educational, TED-style talks in the community. These talks demonstrate how our research is contributing to discoveries and real-world solutions around the globe.

Through these efforts, we will increase awareness of infectious diseases research and establish thought leadership presence. Think this could be of value to your organization? Get involved by scheduling a talk for your event. Together, we can make a global impact.

Discovery Talk Videos

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See what the Discovery Talks are all about by watching archived faculty and student Talks.

Become a Speaker

Ohio State faculty with expertise in microbiology or infectious diseases are eligible to participate in executive communications training culminating in a new Discovery Talks presentation and membership in the Discovery Talks speakers bureau.

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