April 14, 2021

Preventing emerging diseases. Protecting populations. Saving lives.

The Infectious Disease Institute (IDI) is excited to introduce the IDI Trainee Association (IDI-TA), an organization run by trainees for trainees to support their activities and to provide opportunities for growth within the infectious disease space. The IDI-TA is currently run by the inaugural steering committee composed of eight different leadership roles filled by 10 trainees! Join the IDI-TA Steering committee in a breakout session at the IDI Annual Meeting to provide input and learn more about the organization!

IDI-TA membership is open to all trainees (postdoctoral fellows/scholars/scientists, clinical fellows, professional students, graduate students, undergraduate students and lab employees [e.g., research assistants/associates]) interested in infectious disease research. Like IDI, the IDI-TA is intentionally interdisciplinary and trainees from all disciplines are encouraged to join. Membership in this organization will provide trainees with opportunities for networking, social events, and workshops as well as for career advancement and development. IDI-TA advocates for trainees to gain greater access to resources and ensure trainees maintain a greater role in deciding the scope of opportunities related to infectious disease for students across campus. 

Meet the Inaugural Steering Committee:

  • Chair: Jenna Sandala, BSGP graduate student in John Gunn's lab
  • Co-Vice Chairs: Erin Connors (BSGP graduate student in Brian Ahmer's lab) & Andrew Schwieters (Microbiology graduate student in Brian Ahmer's lab)
  • Networking & Professional Development Chair: Sarah Linn, DVM, Veterinary Anatomic Pathology Resident and Graduate Student in John David Spencer's lab at Nationwide Children's Hospital
  • Community Outreach Chair: Pattama Ulrich, ESGP graduate student in Mark Weir's lab
  • Staff Representative: Olivia Harder, Veterinary Biosciences Research Associate in Stefan Niewiesk's lab
  • Postdoctoral Representative: Veronica Roman, PhD, Plant Pathology postdoctoral researcher in Jonathan Jacobs' lab
  • Graduate/Professional Representatives: Dan Brook (MD/PhD student in Epidemiology in Bill Miller's lab) & Dillon McBride (Veterinary Preventive Medicine graduate student in Andy Bowman's lab)
  • Undergraduate Representative: Kristen Lillimoen, Microbiology student in John Gunn's lab
  • Faculty Advisors: IDI Associate Directors John Gunn, PhD & Carol Anelli, PhD
  • Admin Advisors: IDI Staff Katie McAfee & Brooke Zentmeyer




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